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We've tried to think of questions you might have. If you have others, just ask anybody. Ours is a close church family. If one person doesn't have your answer, he or she can find someone else who does.

The Church Facility

Sunday morning service

Children's participation and activities

Keeping up with what's going on

Getting involved


Other Things it Might help to Know

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The Church Facility

Getting in and around the building what entrance should I use?

The door on the south side (to the right as you face the church) is the main entrance. Some people think this entrance gives them more of a feeling of entering a house of worship. The door on the north side (to the left as you face the church) leads into the kitchen, then to the foyer. Some people prefer this route; it is closer to the parking lot. If you need assistance going up stairs the main entrance has a chair lift to the sanctuary.

Where are the restrooms, water fountain and nursery?

There is a family handicap accessible restroom on the main floor. The stairway to your left coming in the main entrance leads downstairs. Restrooms and the water fountain are on the left off the hall downstairs. Take a right at the end of the hall. The first room to your left is the infant nursery. The second door on your left is the toddlers' nursery.

What's upstairs?

The Upper Room. It has sofas, chairs and a table. Some meetings are held there during the week. On Sunday morning it is used as a classroom.

Is this a non-smoking facility?

Yes, people who smoke cigarettes step outside when they wish to smoke.

Who else uses the church?

The South Asian United Methodist Church meets in our building on Sunday at 4 PM. Much of their service is conducted in the Hindi language. Their congregation welcomes you as well.

We have a community garden group that uses a portion of the grounds. Gary Church has used the facility for offsite meetings and Vacation Bible School. The local youth teams have used our open field. We also make provisions for weddings.

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Sunday morning service

What time should I come?

The worship service begins at 10:30 AM. Some people arrive a little earlier to help set up the refreshments for after the service or to assist the ushers with bulletin folding. Others come to visit in the foyer before going into the sanctuary where the spirit is more quiet and contemplative. For many people, the pre service piano solo played by our superb Music Director is a precious part of our worship experience.

What goes on during a service?

For those who would like to know what is expected of the congregation during a service this site has a copy of the current bulletin with an order of worship.

When is Sunday School?

Sunday School for Adults starts at 9:30 AM.

Sunday School for Elementary and Preschool is held during Worship Service. These children take part in the beginning of the Worship Service. They are released to Sunday School at the end of the "Time for Young Christians," portion of the Worship Service. They then learn more details of the story in Sunday School.

What goes on afterwards?

Please join us for refreshments and fellowship. That's when we share what's been going on in our lives and just enjoy each others' company. It's an ideal time for you to learn more about our church.

Why sign the Attendance Sheet?

The roster is our way of keeping track of attendance of the people who come regularly, as well as visitors and newcomers who might be interested in coming back. This allows us to recognize when regular attendees have been missing. We use this information to make wellness calls. We would appreciate your giving an address and phone number, but that is up to you. This is one of the ways of measuring our success at reaching out to the community.

When is Communion?

The first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday.

Who can participate in Communion?

Everyone who wishes to take Communion in the spirit with which it is offered is welcome to participate. The Communion is non-alcoholic.

What is the dress code?

Wear whatever you please. Some people like to dress up; others don't. We welcome those in three piece suites and those in jeans.

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Children's participation and activities

May my children stay in the sanctuary during the service?

You and your children should do whatever makes you most comfortable. Usually, children attend the beginning portions of the service. In fact, they are invited (but not required) to come to the front of the sanctuary for "Time for Young Christians," a mini sermon especially for them. Afterward if children are uneasy about leaving their parents or prefer to listen to the sermon, they are welcome to stay.

What if my child is restless?

If you wish, you may take your child to our nursery. If you wish to care for your child yourself the Upper Room is a convenient place to take a restless child during the service. The sanctuary can be seen through the windows of the Upper Room.

What if my child is too young to set through the service?

Feel free to leave your child in the nursery downstairs.

The infant nursery is staffed on request by an adult care giver. This nursery has a carpeted floor. It is equipped with cribs and a changing table. We have also, selected age appropriate toys.

The toddler nursery normally is staffed with two adults. Please, let us know of any special needs for your child. We can attempt to make other arrangements.

What youth activities do you have?

Through our affiliation with Gary Memorial there are three active youth groups. We have a groups that serve fifth and sixth grades, Junior High, and High School age students. The groups meet in both the Gary and Winfield churches. Details on these groups can be obtained by contacting either church office.

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Keeping up with what's going on

How do I find out about other activities?

Upcoming events are announced during each service and described on the back of your bulletin. Please pick up a copy of "WinChimes," our monthly newsletter. Current issues are on the display desk in the foyer along with the current Daily Devotional Guide, "The Upper Room," and other materials you are welcome to pick up. The bulletin board to the right of the sanctuary entrance has other church news. The bulletin board to the right of the Sanctuary door has notices about community events and services.

How can I get the newsletter?

Sign the Attendance Roster and clearly write your address with zip code and indicate your desire to receive "WinChimes" - the staff will make sure your name is placed on the mailing list. "WinChimes" is prepared early each month. Copies of WinChimes are available on a table in the narthex.

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Getting involved

Are there other Christian growth opportunities?

Pastor leads Gospel Study at the church every Thursday at 10 AM; the Biblical text to be studied is printed on the back of your bulletin. United Methodist Women meet in member homes in the evenings on the second Tuesday of the month.

How do I get on a committee?

The Nominating Committee makes "appointments" at the beginning of each year. However, everybody is welcome to the meetings of any committee and is invited to participate. The Administrative Council, which deals with a variety of church matters, usually meets the third Tuesday (or announced if at another time). Your attendance would be welcomed.

What about social events?

Events are announced in the bulletin.

Once in the spring and once in the autumn, sometimes more frequently, children as well as adult volunteers help with yard clean-up on a Saturday. It's not a party, but it is fun. Bring your work gloves and garden tools!

May I sign up for Sunday morning duties?

We are delighted to have everybody help with these responsibilities. If you want to know more about how to do what, ask anyone after the service. The following is a list of possible duties:

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How do I become a member?

New Members are received the fourth Sunday of each month. Pastor would be happy to discuss moving your membership from another United Methodist church.

What if I'm not a Methodist?

Several of the active people at Winfield Methodist are not members, some are not even Methodists. Non-members are welcome to participate in committees and other activities. The Pastors offer a class on what it means to be a Methodist. After you see what it means to be a Methodist you may find a need to make your commitment public. At that time you may speak to the Pastor about becoming a member.

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Other Things it Might help to Know

How do I get in touch with the Pastor?

You can call the Winfield Community UMC at 630-668-8970. If the pastor is not in you may leave a voice message or you may contact the office of Gary Memorial UMC for alternative contacts. If the matter is not urgent you may send an e-mail message to the Pastor at pastor@winfieldumc.org your message will be forwarded to the pastor.

What if I need a hospital visit?

Though hospital privacy rules have been around for a few years, recent policy decisions mean hospitals will no longer make the names of church members available to clergy as they once did. It is more important than ever to make sure that you ask the hospital to notify your church upon your admittance to any hospital. We want to visit with you and provide spiritual care along with the medical care you receive. To ensure that this can happen please tell the hospital that they should contact us, or have a friend or loved one notify us.

What's the Food basket for?

Anyone may bring food (canned foods and shelf stable items seem best) on Communion Sunday. Early the next week, our Missions Committee takes the basket contents to a Food Pantry.

What if I wish to be married in the Church?

The staff at 630-668-3100 or office@winfieldumc.org has details of the rules for weddings at both the Winfield and Gary Churches. They can help you with matching your facility needs with the correct venue.

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