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Winfield Community United Methodist

Photos of Our Various Events

These are the folks that attended the Gazebo Dedication.

Handing out flying disc at Good Olde Days 2021.

Good time at the July 8th hymn sing.

Lighting of the Christmas Candle at the Christmas Eve Service.

Christmas Eve Hallelujah Chorus.

Passing the peace during worship at Winfield UMC.

Passing the peace during worship.

New Swingset.

Donut eating contest at Harvest Fest 2016.

PiƱata at the Harvest Fest 2016.

Pumpkin Decorating Harvest Fest 2016.

Bell Choir from Gary at our service.

Harvestfest Scary Faces.

Havestfest Donut Race.

Harvestfest Bounce House.

Harvestfest Adults.

Fall Fest 2015(5).

Fall Fest 2015(4).

Fall Fest 2015(3).

Fall Fest 2015(2).

fall Fest 2015(1).

4th 2015 Good Old Days Parade Photo.

3rd Good Old Days 2015 parade photo.

Another photo from the 2015 Good Old Days.

Photo from Good Old Days parade.

kids singing Christmas carols while Vickie Mayo played.

kids making Christmas tree ornaments.

December 6 Birthday party for Jesus.

Fall Harvest Festival(2)_MG_4417.JPG.

Fall Harvest Festival(1).

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